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Know Your Children, DMIA

Know Your Children - DMIT Analysis

DMIT has varied importance. This may be applicable to young children, students, parents, working professional, organizations and individuals.

Know Your Children - DMIT Analysis Parents must understand its importance for their children. They should go for DMIA package to understand their children’s peculiar behavior to base their communication and interaction with them. They should nurture them based on their innate aspects. This will develop a strong bonding since the very beginning and will help in developing an open relationship between the two where children will not feel suppressed and will be expressing themselves articulately. Maximum input can be given to them in the most suitable manner by identifying their preferred learning and acquiring styles.

The DMIT package is specifically pertinent to the students. They are at the crossroads where they have to take crucial decisions. By knowing their innate potential they may choose the right streams for themselves. They may systematically pursue suitable professional or vocational courses instead of choosing it by hit and trail. They may work upon their personality trait improvement by carefully selecting their areas of improvement.

Organisations need to employ people with right skills in the right functional areas. Since DMIT package will reveal their built-in traits and virtues, it will be useful for the organizations to optimize manpower resource management.

Individuals and working professionals should take DMIT package to map their innate qualities. They may pick up skill enhancement programmes to polish their flair or may think of taking up a new study line to acquire knowledge which may complement their career aspirations. Nonetheless, knowing oneself or others will develop understanding and will bring happiness in life.




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