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DMIA/ DMIT Test Package

What Is DMIA?

DMIT Test Packages DMIA for IAMI-India stands for “Determinative Multiscaler Intellect Analysis”. The package of DMIA includes DMIA test (DMIT), a point-scale-MI test and three free counseling sessions spread over a period of one year. This analysis describes several personality aspects of an individual, encompassing the innate qualities and personality trait potentials. Data for this analysis is primarily taken from the patterns and ridges on the fingers. These fingerprints are then run through a software based programme which has image-processing-algorithms to determine its pattern area, core area, type lines, ridge count, ridge patterns, and minutia points etc. to generate a comprehensive report.

Point scale multiple intelligence test is conducted before counseling and report is given to client on the spot. The results of these tests are discussed during counseling.

Counseling is a crucial part of DMIA package as it shares the entire analysis with the individual. IAMI emphasizes on interactive discussions and offers three very structured counseling sessions to its clients. These three sessions are held at certain intervals. First session is conducted at the time of handing over of the report. Second session is conducted in the third month from the first counseling. The final session takes place at the end of the year. The discussions during these counseling sessions are captured in black & white and are handed over to the client as a ready reckoner, along with the report. Clients seeking additional sessions or specific counseling sessions may schedule it against a fee.

Now, the fingerprint analysis, point scale test and counseling sessions constitute the complete package of DMIA. Skilled IAMI counselors spend quality time to provide thorough counseling to its clients, not only to help them find a clear cut direction, but also to follow up on the progress made by them on session tips.




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