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DMIT Workshops

Vision Statement

IAMI articulates its vision statement as below:

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) “To create and spread determinative & tenable information and knowledge about Multiple Intelligence, Dermatoglyphics, Life Coaching and Developmental Education in order to set forth its benefits and applications for the betterment, furtherance and advancement of the people who have propensity, penchant and proclivity towards it”

IAMI expects all its associates, in whatsoever capacity they are attached to it, must work towards realizing this vision while sharing IAMI objectives at various platforms across the globe. By aligning themselves with IAMI’s vision statement they would be strengthening the institution and would be supporting the causes that it intends to serve.

The organization envisages forging a global community with the help of adept, experienced, imaginative, skilled and talented professionals who may act as Knowledge Soldiers for IAMI and may contribute into its mission of assisting people to derive the benefits of its initiatives and programmes. Such responsible and large fraternity will not only establish a bonding of trust and confidence, but also will provide a mutually benefitting relationship.




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