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Welcome to IAMI’s powerful and pioneer concept in DMIT industry that opens the gateway for those aspirants who aim at taking DMIA Counseling and Training as a profession and / or as a tool to help themselves and others.

The idea is to make the application of DMIA simpler and beneficial. We wish that people ‘EXPERIENCE’ the benefit of DMIA in a one to one session personally and develop their understanding on the usefulness of the concept in their lives. Whether you are a student, parent, housewife, working professional, retired person or an individual seeking happiness and joy, all may be a part of this phenomenal process of self-transformation.

This is a step-by-step programme that gives you the opportunity and flexibility to attend the course as per your own convenience. The different Levels and its modules educate aspirants completely about the concept and its application in a methodical and gradual manner. This wonderful initiative by IAMI equips you with the knowledge and the skills for Counseling which is going to impact the lives of others for betterment and at the same time it carries an opportunity for you to open a new window to generate business.

You may talk to your existing clients about DMIA Reports & Counseling, you may share about it with your new clients, you may handle enquiries with a renewed and more satisfying tool, you may help people to find a suitable path for themselves and the biggest thing is that you may train them and may facilitate them to have certifications as well, depending upon the ‘Level’ that you clear.

This should not be seen as an initiative of merely training people on DMIA, it’s actually about empowering people to establish a win-win situation for everyone. It’s about establishing ‘people-to-people’ connect. More importantly, please remember that it’s not about any technique, method, software, tool or process. It’s just about connecting with people and showing them the enormous potential that they have. It’s about telling them the path that they may chart with their own capabilities to take decisions in their lives that will help them embrace changes in their lives.

This is the reason with which IAMI has framed this methodology to add more and more people into the network that strives towards bringing improvement in people’s lives. Passion towards counseling and coaching is an essential and mandatory pre-requisite to enroll in all these programmes.

Below are the details of different programmes that we offer:

LevelName of the WorkshopDurationName of the WorkshopPrice in INR
LEVEL IFoundation1 DayConceptual Understanding Of DMIA For Self Development & GrowthRs. 12500.00
Early Bird Offer (Only for LEVEL I) : Rs. 8500.00
LEVEL IIProfessional2 DaysEmpowering Through DMIA CounsellingRs. 22500.00
LEVEL IIIAdvance2 DaysApplying DMIA To Change LivesRs. 28500.00
LEVEL IVFacilitator1 DayEducation DMIARs. 24500.00
LEVEL VEnabler2 DaysImplementation & Practice Of DMIARs. 59500.00




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