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DMIT Relationship Counselling

Relationship Hearing

We have named this counseling as ‘hearing’ because we want the partners to hear out each other. Not through sounds and not through words but by listening to the messages from their innates. We have always emphasized that every individual is unique and that there is a ‘cause & effect theory’ attached to it. Thus understanding of the reasons may dissolve half of the issues. Balance may always be worked out.

It is an interesting proposition that has come out of DMIA report and couples are finding it advantageous. IAMI counselor explains them their behavioral pattern with proper reasoning and helps them reach a point of acknowledgement of each other’s natural inclinations. This factor of acknowledgement has the potential of bringing amazing results with congeniality in relationships.

This style of counseling is also extended to those where families and business partners opt for DMIA packages. It’s always interesting to understand about the people with whom one is interacting on a constant basis. Calm and peace are essential for progressiveness and elevation. IAMI counselors use coaching tools in such sessions and facilitate its clients find happiness and harmony.




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