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Parenting Workshops

Parent's To Know

Since the tool of DMIA is particularly relevant to the children and their education, it is fundamentally essential for the parents to have greater understanding of the same.

At the foremost, parents need to understand the fact :-

• that every child is unique and possesses in-born talents.
• that proven methods may help in assessing their child’s potential
• that this will end their guesses about their child’s capabilities and will give them certainty on child’s innate strengths
• that this way they will not misunderstand their child for his/her acts and doings
• that they will be able to reason out their child’s behavioural pattern
• that they may effectively nurture their child for the talents that he/she has and may adopt for suitable learning style from the very beginning that will gradually form the habit of studying and grasping subjects in that manner later
• that this will help them choosing right pre-school for their child that has structured curriculum in place
• that this will be beneficial in selecting secondary school study stream
• that this will assist in picking up appropriate subjects in University
• that the students may opt for right professional or vocational courses

The assistance offered through IAMI’s DMIA package along with counseling sessions will be an eye opener for the parents to discover and reason out the characteristics of their children. Nevertheless, it will be equally helpful to them while addressing all their concerns.

There is a nascent trend of educating play-school children on the basis of their learning and acquiring inclination. IAMI-India plans to associate itself soon with play-schools to introduce sections based on preferred learning style.




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