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Parenting Assistance Programe

Parenting Assistance

It has been felt and has been reiterated at numerous occasions that DMIA is suitably applicable in the sphere of child development. Children have peculiar attitudinal manifestation and that’s why it’s imperative for the parents to understand the same and be guided by the real reasons of their behavioral disposition.

IAMI trained counselors endeavour to install an effective parent-child interactive communication flow based on the innate elements of the child. They illustrate to the parents on every aspect of child’s behavior. They educate parents to craft their techniques to respond.

The counseling session details on child’s learning ability and information acquiring inclination. Parents are briefed on best learning methodologies for their child. Besides, child’s emotional bend, creativity, observational skills and analytically ability etc are shared with parents to recommend knowledge tools for the child. It should be understood that a child tends to grasp most during this tender age and therefore scientific inputs should be given to enhance learning.

Parents are logically explained how they should avoid suppressing their children due to misunderstanding on their part about child’s conduct exhibit. This way children will become open and will form the habit of sharing with their parents. Parents are made clear about the annotations on the theory of multiple intelligence and are counseled to target on the development of their child’s talent and potential.




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