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DMIT Life Coaching Programes

Life Coaching

DMIT Life Coaching Programes IAMI classifies Life Coaching as an independent and full scale service. We have to understand that Life Coaching is about betterment of oneself. It, in no way, is about offering a readymade or tailormade solution to a set of problems. It is a human improvement process which has its precise focus on YOU. This process is conducted with the help of a Life Coach who only acts as a facilitator to you to perform necessary actions yourself in order to help you achieve your goals.


DMIA package with counseling session will help in formulating coachable goals. A coachable goal may be understood as a future place where one wants to be as an individual and this requires one to grow oneself to reach there. So, the beauty of it is that it can be determined and can be achieved.


Once your coachable goals are defined IAMI helps you find your Life Coach. It’s very crucial to fathom the fact that your Life Coach is not a trainer, therapist, teacher, guide, counselor, mentor or a consultant. He is the one who only listens to you to let you reach a conclusion yourself without imposing him/her on you. Only your innate blueprint helps you explore your answers yourself with the facilitation from a Life Coach.


The state of indecision and confusion, presence of fear, imbalanced emotions, inability to listen to inner voice etc. bring down the sentiments. DMIA in conjunction with Life Coaching helps in bringing clarity. The assessee derives strength and gains confidence in the process of Life Coaching after seeing the DMIA report that talks about his/her in-born talents and potential. This makes Life Coaching session more meaningful and result oriented.




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