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Level III
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Level III

This is an advance level workshop in DMIA. It widens the format of counseling. It explains the concept in a unique manner so that a counselor may prepare a counseling framework that is suitable to address the needs of different persons of varying age in diverse environments. Such an understanding will be helpful for those who are governing that environment. For example a superior who is directing subordinates in an office or parents nurturing their children at home or teachers handling their students in the classroom etc...

People have different intellectual profiles and they need different developmental aides to supplement their learning. The workshop tells the counselors to touch upon these aspects so that people can be motivated to embrace the change by understanding its positive implications that have possibilities to uplift their personality. It should be understood that by individualizing & pluralizing learning and education for the students or the individuals their potential may be effectively mobilized to have improved results.

The workshop also creates an outsketch for those people who are trying to find a deeper meaning to learn the lessons of life based on their personality traits. This facilitates people to explore their passion and to realize that as well. This allows them to work upon these sparks of their lives that leads to have satisfaction and contentment.

This workshop format works in a manner that enables the participants to have additional dimensions of interpretation of the information given in the report. This makes the counseling session more enriching and it allows the clients to carry useful information by leaving a lasting impact on them.

On completion of the workshop you are eligible for the ‘Advance Counselor’ certification from IAMI. You may help people in changing their lives by sharing your knowledge and you are just a step away from being a ‘Facilitator’ yourself.




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