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Level II
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Level II

This workshop is suitable for those who wish to get into the field of counseling using the tool of DMIA or for those who are already a counselor and wish to add more tools to their profile so as to bring in versatility in their counseling approach.

The modules in this workshop cover extensively on various aspects of dermatoglyphics that cover in detail about the characteristics of different types of fingerprints, nomenclature, classification their occurrence and impact on different facets of the personality.

The workshop equips you with the relevant information which lays down a broad framework of counseling that enables the counselors in such a way that their counseling session turns into an empowerment tool for the clients, instead of being a stereotyped routine counseling monologue. This gives a fresh thinking pattern to the clients which a counselor is supposed to transfer during such a session.

The entire idea of this workshop is to communicate the message of bringing a possible change in people’s lives by touching several factors that influence an individual’s personality. The workshop emphasizes that DMIA is not merely a tool to share someone’s career prospects, rather when it is used in its entirety then it acts as a medium that may empower the different dimensions in a person’s personality and behaviour.

The completion of the workshop makes you eligible to get a ‘Professional Counselor’ certificate from IAMI. You may refer people for IAMI’s DMIA Programme and may help them feel empowered.




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