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Level I

This is the foundation level workshop on DMIA. It talks about the concept of DMIA and how it may help in understanding the innate traits. This workshop is all about understanding ourselves through dermatoglyphics to learn the potential that we carry with ourselves innately.

The path to change can be chased, once we know about the starting point. We may begin our journey then and may explore the possibilities. On our way, we may acquire the attributes to make this journey thriving, successful and rewarding. This is how exactly DMIA works. It tells you about your in-born talents and then you may decide on what talents you wish to acquire to complement your innate attributes.

This learning will be helpful in widening the different dimensions of the personality as we may need to. This will take us through our strengths and our areas of improvement and accordingly we may strategize to capitalize on our strengths and to work upon our areas of improvement to convert those into our strength areas.

This workshop will open a new window for you to look at things with a different perspective wherein you may apply your learning for self development and self advancement by implementing the changes that you yourself foresee and pinpoint as an essential for your development and growth.

On completion of the workshop you are eligible to obtain your certificate to become ‘Intelligent Adviser’ and you may refer others to go through the experience of DMIA to have them a renewed outlook towards bringing change in their lives.




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