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DMIT/ DMIA Learning Styles

Learning Styles

We constantly grasp information since our childhood, but do you know that there could be particular learning styles that help us absorb more? These learning styles are based on our inclination to receive the information in a specific mode. There had been many theories on learning styles but the most popular one is of Neil Flemming. He said that there are three ways by which we receive information and our brain shows a preference towards these.

He classified these three learning styles as –

a. Auditory Learning Style
b. Visual Learning Style
c. Kinesthetic Learning Style

We learn by all methods but different people tend to show different preferences. Based on one’s inclination these there styles may be categorized as primary, secondary and tertiary styles for a particular individual.

If inputs will be given to these individuals, specially children, on the basis of the above then they will tend to learn, memorize and retain more. This will be beneficial in the golden formative years of the children. Our DMIA package gives a lot of emphasis on these learning styles by educating parents about it and by telling them to apply and practice the same with their children.

DMIT/ DMIA Visual Learning Styles The theory is widely known as VAK theory. Visual learners learn more when they are exposed to visual inputs. They learn by seeing and watching. Auditory learners respond to verbal communication. They learn and absorb by listening to instructions. They form the sounds of words and other information in their mind. Kinesthetic learners are action oriented and they do and perform activities to understand and remember subjects.

DMIT/ DMIA Auditory Learning Styles This concept has lot of applicative potential. Its gaining momentum and IAMI will be partnering with play-schools and primary schools to implement it in classroom learning. Our idea is to create three sections in play-schools based on these three learning styles and then to impart education accordingly. This will help children learn fast and it will ease stress in them as they will not be unnecessarily under pressure to study in a way that’s not their preferred style of learning.

Learning style is an important section of our DMIA package. Our counselors will explain it in detail and will suggest follow up actions to the parents. They will review it in every counseling session and will share the progress with parents on its implementation by them.




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