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DMIT Learning Modules

Learning Modules

DMIT Learning Modules IAMI is a full function body that offers diagnostic services as well as remedial measures. Further to the DMIA package, IAMI offers DMIA Programmes for different people in various age groups to improve their learning capacities and to complement their innate skills. These workshops are conducted by trained psychologists, educationists, public relation experts, developmental programmers, motivators and coaches.

There are weekend workshops, short duration modules and certification courses to provide learning assistance. We conduct workshops on memory retention, concentration improvement, self development, confidence building, public speaking, observational skill development etc. for children and young students.

We have modules on emotional intelligence, interpersonal and communication skill enhancement, problem solving, organizing time, life purpose determination etc for working professionals and individuals.

These modules have been carefully designed to bring in development by making individuals substantially understand their own strengths instead of just spoon-feeding wellness talks in the training sessions. DMIA programes are constructively linked with growth and development and have been aligned with the principles of life coaching methods than classroom training.




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