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The journey begins from mind. Churchill said, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” So true! It’s an amazing fact that all of us are born with our own innate capabilities and it’s yet another astounding truth that all of us are full of potential and we may work upon these faculties to bring in remarkable transformation in us.

We all know and IAMI subscribes to the idea that –

• Every individual is unique.
• Every individual has in-born talents.
• Every individual has potential & capacity to marvel.

If we add space among the letters in IAMI, it makes three words and a wonderful sentence, “I AM I”, that simply means, “I AM INTELLIGENT”. WOW!!! This is the core communication that ‘International Academy Of Multiple Intelligence’ intends to share with the world. We should recognize our basic strengths. We should be able to explore our innate characteristics, our in-born capabilities, our built-in powers and our latent potential. Let’s believe in ourselves. Let everyone of us always remember and say, “I AM INTELLIGENT”.




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