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Dermatoglyphics Test
Digital Dermatoglyphics Test Dermatoglyphics is the science of studying patterns on fingers and hands. There are certain patterns of ridges everywhere on our body but these are prominent on fingers, hands, toes ...    Read More
Parents To Know
Parents Workshop Since the tool of DMIA is particularly relevant to the children and their education, it is fundamentally essential for the parents to have greater understanding of the same.... READ MORE
Multiple Intelligence
Multiple Intelligence Test The theory of Multiple Intelligence was presented by Dr Howard Gardner in the year 1983. These intelligences or competencies may be related to a person’s unique aptitude ... READ MORE
Life Coaching
Life Coaching IAMI classifies Life Coaching as an independent and full scale service. We have to understand that Life Coaching is about betterment of oneself. It in no way is about offering... READ MORE
DMIA Test DMIA for IAMI-India stands for “Determinative Multiscaler Intellect Analysis”. The package of DMIA includes DMIA test, a point-scale-MI test and three free counseling sessions ... READ MORE
Learning Styles
Learning Styles We constantly grasp information since our childhood, but do you know that there could be particular learning styles that help us absorb more? These learning styles are based on our inclination to receive the information in a specific mode. There had been many theories on learning styles but the most popular one is of Neil Flemming. He said that there are three ways by which we receive information and our brain shows a preference towards these ...     READ MORE
Behavioural Profiling
Behavioural Profiling Human potential development has linkage with one’s personality profile or behavioural profile. The practice of human profiling is prevailing since ancient times. Modern psychology has presented several studies on this topic and various theories exist on the subject. The secret of all our actions and reactions are latent in our behavioural traits. Training & Developmental aides are designed in a way that it complements our personality attributes. Therefore, determining ...      READ MORE
Specialized Workshops
Personality Polishing Workshop Personality Polishing is one key workshop that IAMI focuses on. The unique feature of this workshop is that it will be based on the DMIA output of the candidate. This way it will establish a new trend and will be vastly different from the prevailing practices in the market. Our personality development workshops will offer individual attention and will design specific remedial solutions for the real benefit of the students. It will be far beyond the notion ...     READ MORE
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FAQs on Dermatoglyphics What kind of assistance is offered by you?

DMIA sessions offer assistance to parents, young children, students, working professionals and individuals. These sessions have different impacts on different individuals. Improvements are suggested for parent-child interaction and communication. Students may understand on the professional and vocational courses that they may pursue on the basis on their innate potential. Organizations and Professionals may explore their training needs and area of improvement. Individuals may use it for leading a happy life by knowing themselves. There could be better understandings in relationships when the other person’s basic characteristics are identified.

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Life Coach Satyen Srivastava on a TV Chat Show talking about DMIA

Watch our videos to understand the concept and the idea in detail. It will give you a clear perspective on how it works and the benefits that may be derived out of it. Listen to the Coach for grasping the information in a step by step manner.

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