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What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprint and hand patterns. These patterns are unique and are connected with one’s genetic composition. These are directly related to our nervous system. In other words, Dermatoglyphics can reveal out innate characteristics and talents. Dermatoglyphics has been studied for years in the medical fields, especially when it comes to genetically-linked diseases. The formation of limbs begins very early in fetal development and the formation of ridges on the fingers takes place between 13th week and 19th week of pregnancy.


Who invented Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is an ancient science which is there in China and India since long. There are evidences of thumb seals being used in ChinThere is a recorded history of it since 16th century and a lot of work has been done in this field in last 100 years. Dr Harold Cummins, an American scientist, is considered to be the father of modern fingerprint analysis and it was he who coined the term ‘Dermatoglyphics’. It has its root from ancient Greek word derma meaning skin and glyph meaning carving. Dermatoglyphics is a science which is used in clinical application to detect Down syndrome etc.


How is Dermatoglyphics Assessment Package helpful to me?

Every child is unique and has in-born talents. Our fingerprints are unique and remain same throughout our life. There is synchronization in the formation of striae and brain lobes during 13th to 19th week in fetus in mother’s womb. Fingerprints are used to determine innate qualities of a child or an adult. This helps us taking action on our strengths and our areas of improvement. The accuracy of the test is more than 90% usually.


What is a DMIA package?

DMIA/ DMIT is the initiative of IAMI that stands for ‘Dermatoglyphics Multiscaler Indepth Analysis’. This package includes a dermatoglyphics test, a point scale test of multiple intelligence and a yearlong counseling association which enables three free counseling sessions. These sessions take place at intervals. First session is conducted at the time of handing over the report. Second one is usually done in the third month from the test and final session takes place at the end of one year from the test. All the finding, remedial measures and discussions are captured in black and white for client’s reference and are handed over to him.


Who takes the counseling sessions?

IAMI trained counselors take these sessions who have a degree in psychology or education or anthropology primarily. They are trained to interpret the findings in a structured counseling framework. They go through extensive training on the subject and are educated about counseling and coaching.


What assessments are done in DMIA package?

DMIA package does the assessment of our innate potentials. It tells about our brain dominance meaning the potential of our left or right brain, our personality type based on DISC and DOPE profiling, distribution of innate intelligences in percentile, suitability of learning style and acquiring style, the four quotients, career options, training needs and other remedial suggestions, if required.


Are there other similar tests and reports in the market?

There are other dermatoglyphics tests and reports available in the market but what makes IAMI different is that we offer complete DMIA package. This package consists of DMIA report in a unique format, a point-scale test and our counseling sessions. We at IAMI believe in establishing a long term relationship with our clients and therefore have conceived the idea to establish a year long association with them. Besides, we have teams working towards devising effective MI aides for the benefit of our clients.


May the subsequent sessions be arranged after one year?

Yes, IAMI believes in long term association and subsequent sessions after a year and special sessions on a particular issue may be arranged upon request against payment of a fee.


What kind of assistance is offered by you?

DMIA sessions offer assistance to parents, young children, students, working professionals and individuals. These sessions have different impacts on different individuals. Improvements are suggested for parent-child interaction and communication. Students may understand on the professional and vocational courses that they may pursue on the basis on their innate potential. Organizations and Professionals may explore their training needs and area of improvement. Individuals may use it for leading a happy life by knowing themselves. There could be better understandings in relationships when the other person’s basic characteristics are identified.


How long does the whole process takes?

Since the process of DMIA has several stages so it should be understood by compartmentalizing the same. At the first stage it takes around 30-40 minutes and during this period the file of the client is opened and his finger print impressions are captured in the software through a sophisticated image sensing device. It is then sent to our secured servers in Texas and Virginia for processing and report generation which normally takes 36 to 48 hours. Despatch of report takes another 36 to 48 hours. The point-scale-test takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Counseling sessions lasts for approximately 60 to 90 minutes depending on the discussions.


Do you offer any follow-up solutions?

Yes, we have a follow-up remedial mechanism in place. We offer special counseling sessions to our clients specially the parents. We recommend inputs to the young children so that they improve upon their learning capabilities by enhancing their grasping powers. We have personality development capsules for students based on the assessment of their areas of improvement. We have tie-up with professional trainers to cater to the needs of working professionals and organizations. We offer Life Coaching to individuals and any other person by defining their coachable goals on their expressing the need for the same.


Isn’t it that the report is limiting the prospects for an individual?

Surely not. On the contrary it is widening the scope. The report is reflective of behavioral pattern, personality traits, and innate qualities with reasons. Therefore it is giving a lot of scope to development and improvement. For example we may know about a child that what learning style will suit him/her or how he/she may grasp things better or what’s the reason and remedy for his/her particular behavior. A child’s natural qualities will only be subjected to betterment by identifying his/her acquiring inclination.


How do you store fingerprints?

No, we do not store fingerprints at all. All the fingerprints are automatically deleted from the system once the processing is over and report is generated.


Is it similar to palm reading?

No. DMIA is a structured and scientific process. This application is based on scientific findings from the field of anthropology, psychology, dermatoglyphics, embryology and statistics. The process incorporates counseling sessions and offers guidance and remedial measures on developmental needs.


Is there any reference material available?

There is tremendous reference material available. We have given brief of it on our website but those who need to explore it in details may check for it.

1. Fingerprint Directories by Sir Francis Galton
2. Medical palmistry by Katherine St. Hill
3. The Hand As A Mirror Of Systemic Disease by Theodore J Berry
4. The Doctor’s Guide To Better Health Through Palmistry by Eugene Scheimann
5. Hand Of Clinical Dermatoglyphic by Musallam S Elbualy & Joan D Schinderier
6. Dermatoglyphics In Medical Disorder by Blanka Schauman & Milton Alter
7. Hand Psychology by Andrew Flitzherbert
8. Dermatoglyphics of Schizophrenics by Amrita Bagga
9. Trends In Dermatoglyphics Research by Norris M Durham & Chris C Plato
10. The Learning Revolution by Jeannette Vos & Gordon Dryden
11. Palm Therapy – Program Your Mind Through Your Palms by Moshe Zwang
12. The Art Of Hand Reading by Lori Reid
13. The Emotional Brain by Joseph LeDaux
14. The Science of Fingerprints by US Department Of Justice
15. Fingerprints, Palms And Soles – An Introduction to Dermatoglyphics by Dr Harold Cummins & Dr Charles Midlo
16. Frames Of Mind : The Theory Of Multiple Intelligence by Dr Howard Gardner
17. Multiple Intelligence : The Theory In Practice by Dr Howard Gardner




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