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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) Report

DMIA Report

DMIA report presents simple facts for the benefit of its clients. The report has different sections that highlight various facets of personality.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) Report At the outset, the report tells one’s personality profile which has been developed indigenously by IAMI based on Dr. Moulton Morston’s DISC profile clubbed with Dr. Gary Couture’s bird profiling known as DOPE profile. It’s titled as ‘TRUE Profile’. It then talks about one’s brain dominance to determine whether a person is left brain dominant or right brain dominant. This will help in knowing if a person is creative and emotional or analytical and logical. It depicts eight types of multiple intelligences to portray one’s innate qualities to establish one’s potentiality and preferences. The report touches the aspects of learning style and acquiring style to illustrate how much a person is receptive towards auditory, visual or kinesthetic ways of grasping information. It further throws light on quotients like IQ, EQ, AQ or CQ which is reflective of a person’s abilities. These quotients highlight a person’s analytical & communication skills, pressure handing abilities, leadership qualities, managerial capabilities and emotional bend etc. The report describes all these in detail with lot of supporting data for interpretation.

IAMI suggests that a DMIA report is of little consequence if it is not subjected to proper counseling. Hence, IAMI trained counselors take in-depth session, to elaborate, elucidate and explain relevant information using three tools viz DMIA report, an on-the-spot point-scale-test of multiple intelligence and counseling.




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