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Digital Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) Data Capturing

DMIA Data Capturing

Digital DMIT Capturing DMIA data capturing session is conducted by a trained IAMI consultant who is skilled in capturing dermatoglyphic data, through sophisticated image sensing scanners as per IAMI convention. Fingerprints of each finger are taken and the resultant image is placed into prescribed format after careful assessment by the counselor that its patterns have been accurately captured.

IAMI has its servers in Texas and Virginia. The dermatoglyphic input which is obtained as per the procedure mentioned above is uploaded and is subjected to processing to generate an interpretative and elucidative report. Thereafter, this report reaches IAMI-India HQ and is then dispatched to the concerned IAMI center for counseling and consultation. This whole process usually takes 36 to 48 hours after submission of the fingerprint data. The accuracy of the analysis is 90% usually.

The findings of the report are subjected to a detailed counseling session named ‘Dermatoglyphics Multiscaler Intellect Analysis’ which is clubbed with a point scale on the spot test. Our counseling rounds are truly unique and unparallel. It blends the report findings with the experience of the counselor who explains the report in a meticulously organised framework and prepares a fact file for a year long association with the clients having three free counseling sessions into it.




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