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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) counseling

DMIA counseling

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) counseling DMIA counseling is provided in all DMIA packages and special counseling may also be scheduled upon client’s request. DMIA/ DMIT counseling is spread across one year and has three free sessions into it. Depending upon the client’s profile specific counseling areas are highlighted during the discussions. The first session is conducted at the time of the delivery of the report.

Based on the report clients are made aware of their behavioral patterns and innate potential by emphasizing on ‘WHY’ factor and then they are explained about improving, polishing, developing, refining and modifying these vide ‘HOW’ solutions. This way these ‘Why & How facets’ in our counseling sessions complement all reasoning and rationale for all the patterns and indications that emerge and reflect in the report.

DMIT Counseling DMIA counseling sessions are captured in black & white and inputs are suggested to the clients which they may adopt if they so desire. Second round of counseling is conducted after three months of first counseling. In this session clients share their experience after working upon the aides and suggestions given to them and put further queries if they have.

IAMI counselor’s third session is important in the sense that it refreshes and revises all the deliberations that client had with the counselor, which are on record. This way client may know exactly how he/she precisely proceeded with the DMIA/ DMIT package and what were the returns of client’s efforts and where he/she lacked? The counselors recapitulate all this in detail and give them session end tips.




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