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(DMIT) Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Benefits

DMIA Benefits

DMIA has its benefits in several forms. First of all, it helps one in knowing one’s innate capabilities and therefore a person may work upon one’s hidden talent, possibilities and ability to excel in fields that match with one’s built-in potential.

On the basis of DMIA report, aides and remedies may be offered to individuals. For example its beneficial for the parent’s to understand their child’s characteristics. Parents may know why their children are stubborn, curious, revolting, silent, orderly or unruly. They may interact with them accordingly and may focus on improved parent-child communication to mould them to excel. DMIA may help in deciding career path for the children and the students based on their innate potential. It will specify the areas where they need to improve. This way they will be able to align their passion and innate abilities with the stream of their studies and professional courses.

Organisations may use DMIA in pre-employment and promotions. The department of Training & Development may apply it in identifying the training needs of their employees and may design training modules to suit them the most. This may be helpful while deciding job rotations and special assignments.

Interestingly, DMIA benefits have found a new utility in the field of relationship compatibility. Couples may explore about the innate attributes of each other to determine congeniality between them. Some of the families have undergone the test to develop improved understanding. Lately, it has been seen that the test is being used by people to understand their business partners and business associates as well.

Individuals may take benefit of it by knowing themselves and thus bringing value in their lives. They may find way to lead good life by exploring happiness in all walks of life. Clubbed with Life Coaching they may work upon their coachable goals and may work towards improving their strengths and gaining confidence.




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