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DMIT Counseling Workshops for Students

Career Counseling

IAMI counselors outline career aspects in a great detail while taking counseling sessions of students and other individuals who have keenness towards career. Career Counseling has greater relevance for students as they are on the crossroads of choosing a befitting professional/vocational course to streamline their career path.

On the basis of their natural qualities, counselors suggest the adaptability of students in several domains and functions. This projects a picture of their readiness and limitations in pursuing that particular career stream. That’s how it helps in pin-pointing those attributes where students have to work upon acquiring knowledge and skills and where they have to sharpen their strong points

DMIA analysis sets forth a lot of career fields in front of students. IAMI has added many fields into it considering modern day’s employability scenario. Opportunities are emerging in abundance but there is a stiff competition to grab the same. Survival for the fittest is the way out and IAMI may help in equipping students to sail through these challenges with ability and confidence. Our counselors elaborate, suggest and follow up on these remedial measures to students during three counseling sessions.




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