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Behavioural Profiling

Behavioural Profiling

Behavioural Profiling Human potential development has linkage with one’s personality profile or behavioural profile. The practice of human profiling is prevailing since ancient times. Modern psychology has presented several studies on this topic and various theories exist on the subject. The secret of all our actions and reactions are latent in our behavioural traits. Training & Developmental aides are designed in a way that it complements our personality attributes. Therefore, determining the same is of value and importance.

Dr William Marston, in 1920, presented DISC profile to categorize human beings in to four categories depending upon their environments and their capabilities to handle it. There had been many attempts to present more theories but all of these revolved around the basic principles of Dr. Marston.

Out of these, the one that gain popularity was proposed by Dr Gary Couture. Its known as Bird Profile or DOPE Profile. Dr Couture offered four classifications to all humans namely Eagle, Peacock, Owl and Dove. He defined their traits and reasoned out his categorization which was widely accepted.

IAMI has created a unique TRUE Profile on the basis of the theories of Dr Marston and Dr Couture. It elaborates the personality and behavioural traits of an individual in detail. It first features out the individual groupings and then describes every category in length. It’s a comprehensive elicitation that incorporates several constituent characteristics of human personality.

Our personality profile is what makes us do that we do. It reflects how do we respond to situations? It tells our strength and areas of improvement in our personality which is helpful in devising skill enhancement modules to suit our learning needs. It describes how do we like to work and perform in an environment. It depicts how do we seek recognition that helps in formulating motivational tools. There are wide range of applications that are worked out of human personality profiling.




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