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DMIA assessment packages may be used by various individuals and groups for their own specific purposes. Primarily, we recommend the assessment package as under:

DMIT For Young Children

In our opinion DMIA Package is most suitable for the young children. The facts state that they can absorb 80% of the knowledge till the formative age of 8 years. Per se, they are full of energy and potential which needs to be channelized in an effective manner to benefit them. DMIA may help -

• in determining their innate characteristics for enhanced parent-child interaction
• in identifying their learning styles and acquisition styles to enable them to grasp the most
• in devising specific learning module and methodology for them
• in deciding a suitable pre-school that has a structured curriculum
• in focusing on developing skills like motor skills or observational skills etc...


DMIT For Students

DMIT For Students During the teenage and student life brain starts specializing and people start developing their identities. Most students in their teenage primarily do not understand their mental inclination. Researches during past 10 years, powered by technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, have revealed that young brains have fast-growing synapses and sections that remain unconnected. This leaves teens easily influenced by their environment and more prone to impulsive behavior. Thus, they need to be given proper guidance and direction at this stage. DMIA/ DMIT package offers thoughtful solution to them based on their innate potential than letting them succumb to their impulse. It is useful –

• in determining the areas of innate interests so that they may choose a career accordingly and save their time, money and energy
• in identifying the scope of improvement so that they may be readied to face all round competition
• in polishing their personalities by understanding their personality development needs
• In facilitating to select suitable professional or vocational courses


DMIT For Organisations & Working Professionals

DMIT For Organisations & Working Professionals We are living in a fast pace world where organizations expect results as soon as yesterday and professionals working there are expected to deliver it accordingly. DMIA packages may prove their value for organizations and working professionals as these help them in-

• saving crucial time and energy to be spent on a not-so-right choice
• assessing employees’ potential during pre-employment screening process
• identifying training needs to bring in optimization in work output
• investing wisely in selecting self development programmes to enhance core competencies
• in determining the job rotation criteria and selecting the employees accordingly


DMIT For Individuals

DMIA/ DMIT packages are catching up very fast amongst individuals and housewives because everyone is keen to know about oneself and to take best advantage of the same. There are innovative areas that have come up where individuals are applying DMIA benefits. To mention a few these are being used by –

• individuals keen to know about themselves to seek happiness and joy in life
• couples in knowing each other to improve their compatibility, comfort & communication
• families to develop and retain sound relationship among family members
• business partners to know each other’s in-born traits to strengthen ties




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