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Nature And Nurture

About Us

International Academy Of Multiple Intelligence is a research and consultancy organisation having its interest in developmental education to improve human potential. Development is an ongoing process and it generates positive impacts on the individuals. IAMI facilitates people by giving them a choice to take the benefits of learning technologies to improve their lives.


Organization aims at spreading its presence across the globe through its chapters in various countries by providing a common platform to all those who have similar interests in the field of Multiple Intelligence, Dermatoglyphics, Graphology, Developmental Education, Counseling, Talent Nurturing and Skill Enhancement Techniques.


IAMI encourages discussion forums, seminars, confabulations, institutional addresses, conventions, workshops, certification courses, symposiums, dialogues, conferences, lectures, consultations, learning programmes, community communication, studies, research work, colloquium and think tanks etc. in the domains mentioned above.


There are enormous possibilities lying unaddressed in this arena. A lot of work is to be done to empower and enrich students, professionals and individuals so that they may understand themselves better and may chart their path of progress.


Parents have a greater role to play as young children will be the biggest beneficiaries. They should pay attention to their child’s innate intelligences. They should work upon nurturing these in-born qualities adequately so that their children get a sound foundation and their educational & learning capabilities propel at every stage in the course of their studies and growth.


IAMI is a forward-looking and future-oriented institution that has strong sense of commitment towards developing & cultivating advance learning programmes in assisting people, around the globe, to amplify their potential. Our countrywise chapters will have to play an important and vital role in sharing our knowledge and philosophy globally in the time to come.




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