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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

About Dermatoglyphics

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) Dermatoglyphics is the science of studying patterns on fingers and hands. There are certain patterns of ridges everywhere on our body but these are prominent on fingers, hands, toes and foot etc. The fingerprint patterns are very complex and are unique in nature for every individual. These prints carry coded information about us that has our personality imprint on it.

The study of Dermatoglyphics has been proven with evidence in various branches of science like anthropology, medicine, genetics, embryology and statistics. The researches verify that formation of ridges on fingers happen between 13th week and 19th week of embryonic stage. The development of brain and dermal ridges happen simultaneously and there is a co-relation between the two.

The study of Fingerprints is being done since ancient era and several thinkers & scientists have contributed into this field at various stages in different times. In modern days, it’s Dr Harold Cummins of USA who coined the term ‘dermatoglyphics’ for fingerprint science. He is considered to be the father of Dermatoglyphics in its current form. Dr Cummins covered the subject in detail and did fingerprint analysis to determine and apprehend ailments, malformations, genetic disorders and other aspects to establish linkage between fingerprint patterns and human development.

Today, the digitization of technology has given pace to dermatoglyphics on technical tangent and has made it possible to create and customize the hardware as well as software for its application. There are high quality sophisticated scanners available with Surround Imaging Technology and Three Dimensional Imaging to capture ridge lines, terminal points and divergent patterns with the minutest details consistently. IAMI keeps a tab on latest advancements to give a superlative state-of-the-art delivery.




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